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I graduated in five-year college with Spanish major and two-year college with English major in Wenzao. During the courses, I have taken some Chinese teaching class, such as pronunciation and Mandarin spelling. Besides, I also had an opportunity to teach a foreign student Chinese for a whole semester! That was a really interesting experience for me to not only teach but also learn Chinese from a different point of view.

After graduating with the MA in NKNU, I got a chance teaching as an English part time teacher in elementary school. I have been trying to find the balance between the students with both conditions by making good-grade students learn more, and making those who fall behind be able to catch up with the other students.

We should change our roles from teachers to guides who help children search the fun of learning. We have to consider why students find classes in cram school much more important than public schools. Take English cram school as an example, foreign teachers are the force for the parents willing to pay the bills. Kids in cram school in no doubts speak more fluently than those only in public school.

Teaching a language is to develop the interest and build confidence on the students. When they are no longer afraid of saying it, they can even use the language in their daily lives.

Seeing the progress of the students’ behavior in languages and their growth of interest are the biggest motivation and sense of achievement for me to continue with my teaching. As a result, it is my ambition to teach either English or Chinese as my career.