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TC English (Kaohsiung) regularly visits overseas countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore) every year. We market high-quality and course-rich programs, regularly participate in international education conferences every year, and visit schools in person so that we can constantly update the pulse of the study abroad market. We think about is making the full use of the customer experience since we regard this matter as our long-term job.

Study in Italy
Low-cost study abroad in Italian public universities. Bachelor/Master’s annual tuition fees range from 156€, 200€, 1000€, 2040 €. The University of Florence, the University of Rome, the University of Milan, etc.
23-24 Secondary Day & Boarding School Guide
(Issue date: August 25, 2023) Covers the introduction of 16 overseas middle schools from the UK, Latvia, Canada, the US, and New Zealand. The content includes the British education system, the New Zealand education system and the introduction of the United States. We have a printed version, please call TC English at 886-7-2228380 to ask for a printed version. Contact Email: miranda@tcenglish.com
2024 Colleges and Universities Directory in Traditional Chinese
Colleges and Universities from the USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Lithuania.
Study New Mexico USA
4 stay off-campus housing options
Search & Book for TC English off-campus housing options\r\n1. ZERO DEPOSIT\r\n2. $100,000 INSURANCE\r\n3. EASY CANCELLATION
2022-23 Overseas Secondary Day & Boarding Guide
Covers the introduction of 23 overseas secondary and boarding schools, from UK, Canada, USA, and New Zealand. School types include public primary and secondary schools, private boarding schools, and day schools. The schools are located in Toronto, BC, Florida, New York, Seattle, London, Boston area, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. On page 2 there is a brief introduction to the British education system and on page 49 the city of Auckland. We have printed copies, phone TC English at +886-7-2228380 or email at miranda@tcenglish.com to request a free printed copy. (release date August 22, 2022)
2024 Summer Camp
Summer camp courses in Italy, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia

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