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My online English tutor Lynn who is from New Zealand and she has been teaching for 18 years in New Zealand. Lynn always encourage me to speak more English, she tries her best to guide me how to use English. If some new words I do not understand, she will describe it so that I can understand the meaning. Lynn is very friendly and invite me to stay in her house if I have the chance to visit New Zealand. I learn daily English through TC English platform, I feel I am getting closer to deepen my impression of the English life. Thanks to TC tutors!

Teacher Lynley is a good teacher. She prepared many teaching materials to have me understand easily. The lesson I took was NZ culture. She taught it in a good way, and I really liked it. She is the teacher who I want to take the lesson again.By the way, the lesson time is not fixed but flexible. It is good for people who want flexible learning schedule.

Teacher Douglas is a teacher who tried his best to guide you to talk with him. The lesson is in English. When it is going to be finished, he will tell you some suggestions to improve your English skills well. After the class, he will send you some materials to practice via email. Because I need to work, the flexible time schedule is good for me to learn English.

It's good that TC English has this convenient way to have students to learn English easily. During the skype call with Teacher Douglas, he is patient to teach you. For example, if you do not understand what he said, he will try to explain it in an easy way. It is convenient for me to talk with native speakers without going overseas. English speaking is hard to improve in daily life. TC English provides a mobile way to make everyone learn English easily. It is also a good way to make you face the obstacles when you are in class with TC tutors.